After the big C in 2020 we were able to get back on the road again in 2021. Of course, it wasn’t without its challenges. All-in-all it was a terrific year. We were able to get in nine trips. From Hilton Head Island to the Greenbrier Resort, it was fantastic to be back traveling around our beautiful country with all the wonderful people from Western New York. From many of our return travelers to a ton of new ones, over 300 people allowed us to treat them like a virtuoso as they Traveled with Distinction. We can’t wait for 2022 which already has more than 300 people signed up to travel, thanks due in part to all the outstanding reviews and referrals we receive.

I keep saying “we” because besides all the magnificent trips in 2021, Maestro Tours grew by adding Lauren to the ensemble. Lauren primarily receives your phone calls, takes care of the office and the social media needs, as well as making her way on several of the trips. Everyone loved having her along. So much so, they often inquired as to which trips she would be on and seemed disappointed when she wasn’t going to be on a trip they were already signed-up for.

In addition to Lauren coming on full-time, we welcomed our second permanent driver Wendy. Now if Steve isn’t available, we know that the driving is in great hands with Wendy. We couldn’t be luckier having two of the best drivers in the business getting us safely around the country. Looking ahead to 2022 we will see them both a fair share.

Lastly, 2021 wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the best part, which is the growth of our immediate family. We added Austin to the fold. Lauren and Austin were married in July, and we couldn’t be happier.