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About the Maestro: A penchant for perfection and distinction.

An elected member of the prestigious American Bandmaster’s Association, William Eicher is recognized as one of the nations most distinguished conductors and music educators. His performing ensembles have been invited to perform at state, national, and international conventions.

With over thirty years in education and years of tour escorting for top travel companies, Eicher has successfully traveled all across the country. The Maestro now brings his penchant for perfection and distinction to Maestro Tours by offering luxury tours from Buffalo, NY, to our nations most desirable destinations.

Unforgettable Experience

When you travel with Maestro Tours, be assured it will be an unforgettable experience. You will be pampered like a virtuoso!

Rest Stops

Not only do we provide frequent rest stops, but all the luxurious motor coaches are equipped with clean restrooms.

Rewards for Travel

Receive exclusive Maestro merchandise on your third, fifth, tenth, and subsequent trips! The rewards get more exclusive, the more you travel!

Different Viewpoint

Seat rotation takes place every morning so you can enjoy a different viewpoint each day and mingle with your fellow ensemble members.

Best of All

You will be treated to the experience and courtesy of a professional “Tour Director” who will make your trip absolutely worry-free! All you have to do is show up!

Our Tours

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Why travel with Maestro Tours?

Pre-Trip Reception

Prior to every trip, Maestro Tours hosts a pre-trip reception where you will receive a detailed itinerary including the names of all the restaurants and hotels you will visit, as well as information about each of the events on your tour. You will meet fellow travelers who will “Discover America” with you on your Maestro Tours journey.

Ensemble Experience

Traveling with Maestro Tours provides an extraordinary “ensemble” experience. You will receive on-board motor coach “cabin service,” visit restaurants that truly reflect fine dining, and see places you may have never visited before.

Luxurious Motor Coaches

The luxurious motor coaches are current model vehicles, completely safe and secure, with comfortable seating. With a professional driver at the wheel, you can relax and enjoy your vacation.

Thought for the Day

Sunday morning travel includes a brief “Thought for the Day” devotional.

10% Discounts to Military Veterans