Assistant Conductor Lauren’s family of three (Austin, Lauren, and Sadie Mae) just got bigger! This past month, we added a Mini Dachshund named Aiden! Aiden is a cream brindle long hair and is the sweetest pup with kind eyes and a tenacious attitude.

We were worried for a moment about what it would be like introducing a puppy to our almost-two-year-old German Shepherd, but her nurturing side kicked in and she has been an excellent resource for training him. Aiden has learned that due to his (MUCH) smaller size, he is able to maneuver around our coffee table faster than Sadie. This makes for a great game for the two of them and tires them out quickly.

 Aiden can’t wait to meet grandpa (Maestro Bill) as Sadie has told Aiden how spoiled they are when grandpa comes to town.