The Year That Wasn’t

After the Fall Tour reception in October of 2019, it looked like Maestro Tours was off to a strong start for 2020. We had a record number of people attend the reception and a record number of people signing-up for trips. In January things really took off when the Christmas in New York City trip sold out. We also had more people signed-up for trips in 2020 by the end of February than the total number of people that traveled in 2019. This was very encouraging, and we had not even had the Spring Tour reception yet.

On March 1st Mary and I took off heading towards Florida. We made a number of stops along the way to do research on hotels, attractions, and restaurants. While spending a week in Orlando the news started coming out about the Coronavirus. By the time we got home on March 17th everything was shut down.

I spent the first half of April moving spring and summer trips to the fall. It seemed like this would pass and we would be okay to travel by then. Boy was I in for a surprise. By the end of June everything scheduled for 2020 had either been moved into 2021 or completely cancelled.

I’m still hopeful that we will be able to hold a Fall Tour reception in October. Only time will tell. Hopefully, we will get even a better start to the 2021 Tour Season after this upcoming reception than we did last year. And hopefully, this time nothing will have to be cancelled. I miss traveling around this great country (and Canada) of ours, but mostly I miss the wonderful people I get to travel with.

Looking forward to getting back on the road with the wonderful people of Western New York. Until then, stay safe and stay healthy.